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Spa Wars in Caleta de Fuste!

Hi, it’s Steve from Home In Fuerteventura TV - updating you on a recent experience out and about in Fuerteventura.

My partner Sarah and I were recently enjoying a rare afternoon off together and really fancied pampering ourselves at a spa.

This isn't as relaxing as it sounds. Actually getting into a spa in Caleta de Fuste since the pandemic seems to have gotten more difficult and expensive. However, a bit of detective work uncovered a solution!

Our usual choice, the Sheraton (which we love), now has to be pre-booked, costs around €25 per person (even residents) and has a two-hour time limit imposed today. We’re not sure if this is due to pandemic rules or just that they don’t want too many people in at the same time. In any case, this wasn’t going to work for us on this occasion!

Our next attempt was more promising. The Barceló Wellness Spa did not have to be pre-booked, cost €20 (€5 discount for residents and hotel guests), and did not have a time limit. Even better, the nice receptionist said they offer a special price of €12.50 if you turn up two hours before closing time. Sold! Or so we thought...

We went home, arranged our workload for for the rest of the afternoon and full of excitement for the relaxation at the end of our busy working day, we duly turned up two hours before closing time, only to be told by a different receptionist that the spa was only open to hotel guests because of the "temperatures". No, we didn't understand either!