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Is Fuerteventura in Winter Really Cold and Dark? 5 Claims to Investigate.

Updated: Apr 11

Caleta de Fuste at night in Winter.  Cruise ship in the background.
Caleta de Fuste at night in Winter. Cruise ship in the background.

As winter approaches, many travelers start considering sun-soaked destinations to escape the cold, gloomy weather. Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, often comes to mind. But is Fuerteventura really a sunny paradise during the winter months, or is it just another cold and dark destination? In this blog post, we'll fact-check some common assumptions about Fuerteventura's winter conditions and provide you with the real scoop.

Claim 1: Longer Days

The claim that Fuerteventura enjoys longer daylight hours in winter compared to places like the UK is true. The island experiences daylight hours of around 10 per day during the winter months. Even on the shortest day of the year, December 21st, you can expect the sun to rise around 8 AM and not set until about 6 PM. This means more daylight for exploring and enjoying outdoor activities during your stay.

Claim 2: Warmer Temperatures

Fuerteventura's warmer temperatures during winter are also accurate. Even during the mildest UK winters, the island's climate remains significantly warmer. This is due to its geographical location, with more sunlight and the warming influence of the Atlantic Ocean. While the ocean temperature may cool down a bit in the winter, it never reaches the bone-chilling coldness experienced in places like the UK.

Claim 3: Swimmable Water Temperatures

Fuerteventura's water temperatures during autumn and early winter do offer pleasant swimming conditions. The water retains heat from the summer, making it relatively warm even in the colder months. If you prefer warm water, you might find it slightly cooler from November to April, but it's far from the frigid waters found in the UK. In some cases, you may even enjoy swimming without a wetsuit, unlike in the UK where thicker wetsuits or drysuits are often necessary.

Claim 4: Sociable Nighttime Conditions

While you might need a light jacket or hoodie for outdoor terraces in Fuerteventura during winter evenings, it's nothing like the Arctic conditions that can sweep through the UK. The island can experience a cool breeze after dark, but it's more reminiscent of spring or autumn in the UK. You won't be shivering in your seat as you enjoy an evening meal or drinks.

Claim 5: Less Rain

Fuerteventura is significantly drier than the UK, even during its wettest month, February. While you might encounter some rain, it's unlikely to ruin your entire week. In comparison, the UK often sees prolonged periods of rain, even during the summer.


In summary, Fuerteventura does experience cooler and darker days in winter compared to summer, but the effects of winter are far less extreme than those in the UK. While no destination is immune to bad weather, your chances of enjoying a warm and sunny winter break are high if you choose Fuerteventura. Remember to pack your suncream because Fuerteventura is just a 4-hour flight away from the UK's chilly winters. So, if you're seeking an endless summer escape, Fuerteventura might be the perfect destination for you.

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