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GoldAcre Estates backs new series of HomeInFuerteventura.TV

HomeInFuerteventura.TV announced today that it is teaming up with GoldAcre Estates to bring viewers the next season of its documentary series about life in Fuerteventura.

The reputable estate agent, established in 2005, has purchased title sponsorship of the program, which gained a strong following when it first aired in 2021.

Showrunner and presenter of, Steve Titford, has welcomed the move. "It takes significant financial backing to make the good-quality television coverage that Fuerteventura deserves. We made the first season with cinematic production values on relatively modest equipment. We wanted to give our viewers a feel for having a home out here by capturing personal experiences and informative interviews."

John GoldAcre, managing director of GoldAcre Estates was an early backer of the project. "Fuerteventura is full of opportunities for many people looking to make a life in the Canary Islands. Our success as an estate agent is built upon us giving our customers the full picture with personal attention. We were impressed by Ayuntamiento Antigua's tourism films produced by Steve's company. They echoed our ethos at GoldAcre Estates, so we decided to get involved and see how we could help bring more attention to the island."

Steve is eager to finish production on new episodes of "Viewers were so encouraging about the first season. It was our first venture as a media company into full documentary filmmaking, which requires more cameras, microphones, lighting, and crew than the marketing films we were making for the Ayuntamiento. At the start, we just had to improvise, which I think gives the episodes an entertaining realism in an environment that's surreally beautiful. Once we had some sponsorship, we could afford to make our setup more suitable. GoldAcre Estates was instrumental in funding further episodes while allowing us to continue focussing on our viewers' needs."

John is looking forward to the latest collaboration. "When first went into production during the last few months of partial lockdown, understandably few companies were willing to invest in sponsorship. Out of those few companies, GoldAcre Estates made the biggest commitment to the series and it paid off."

The episodes detailing a family's journey to buying a property in Corralejo are a particular favourite of John's. "It brilliantly shows the buying experience from the client's side and the sales side, what we go through together, the emotion and the joy when the family finally gets their dream home."

"John's team at GoldAcre Estates are always great fun to work with," says Steve as he continues writing the next season of Appearing for the first time in the series will be Nic Tan, who has featured several times on Channel 4's "A Place In The Sun", representing GoldAcre Estates. "Steve and I share a love of the island and the adventure sports it offers," says Nic. "We've got some really fun stuff in store related to that, and we've already had a few laughs during filming!"

After a year's hiatus from new programming, the first episode of season 2 will air on Wednesday 26th July 2023. The series is free to watch and all aired episodes can be found at

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