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In-program sponsored property tour


In-program sponsored property tour

10,00 €Precio
    • On-site video and photo shoot (2 hours).
    • Copywriting for our presenter in consultation with you.
    • Editing and postproduction.
    • A maximum of 3 minutes finished content.
    • Inclusion of the complete tour in an episode.
    • A separate video of the tour uploaded to our library for you and your customers to freely access.


    • Preparation of the property for filming.  Please ensure that any cleaning or repairs are carried out prior to our arrival.  See our directory for suitable companies.
    • Copywriting for you or your representative.  If you are presenting the property yourself, please have what you are going to say prepared prior to our arrival.  We can write your dialogue for you at a cost of €20 per hour's labour.
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