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Featurette Sponsorship

Get seen by thousands of relevant people!

We’re ready to discuss your needs, give you a personal demo and assemble the best value package for you.

What is a Featurette?

A short, interesting and helpful video about a specific aspect of Fuerteventura.

Carefully researched and crafted for casual viewing and sharing.  

Where can I see a Featurette or Snapshot?

Facebook - on our “HomeInFuerteventura.TV” page and group, where we have thousands of subscribers.  We also share our Featurettes and Snapshots across 40 or so relevant Fuerteventura Facebook groups - achieving lots of organic engagements.

YouTube - where they form part of an extensive library of useful videos about Fuerteventura.  This is also where we host our episodes, with each of them attracting thousands of views.

Why sponsor a Featurette or Snapshot?

They work great on social media, getting thousands of views along with numerous shares and comments.  We don’t just make them and upload them.  We share them in all the right places on social media so they are seen and engaged with.

They can be a vital point of reference for people looking for information about Fuerteventura.

They have an infinite shelf life, with viewers still likely to access them for years to come - but the cost to you is only a one-off payment.

Contact us to see exactly what you get, but to summarise -



Here are just some extras for free:

  • Your large logo shown at the beginning and end of the content.

  • Your large logo embedded in the video’s social media thumbnail.

  • Your logo shown as a clear corner ident throughout the content.

  • Your company taglines displayed with the corner ident in English and Spanish throughout the content.

  • Your company thanked in the written video description.

  • Your company briefly described in the written video description.

  • Your Facebook/social media links tagged in the video description.

    Contact us to arrange your free, personal, no-obligation demo.


    Call or WhatsApp 620 665 187.

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